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When I was a little boy, I would spend my summers in SE Oklahoma with my Granny. They had a cattle ranch and I always enjoyed getting my hands dirty whether helping with the cattle or in the kitchen. I was always amazed at how Granny would throw meals together so effortlessly. Now as an adult, I look back and think of Granny and smile because I know she’s looking down at me now and thinking “I taught that boy right!”.

My love of food and cooking only enhanced when I met Stacy, who later became my wife. She too grew up along her mother’s side in the kitchen. The only difference between she and I would be the type of food we were accustomed to. Stacy is from a Spanish/German family, her introduction to her dishes only enhanced my love of food and cooking. With all the exciting new flavors and all the ideas that were flooding my mind I just knew I needed to be in the kitchen.

Now fast forward 16yrs, I am staring into my fully stocked freezer of deer meat with one idea in mind…SAUSAGE! From that day on my love for sausage making had begun. While I don’t use deer meat as often as I’d like, I have (in my mind) perfected the blends of beef and pork to create a very lean and flavorful sausage. For the last 6yrs I have been working on different blends of meat and ratios of fat content. Slowly I started adding new seasonings, experimenting with new flavors and the ideas just keep on coming.

I’ve been working in the oil and gas industry for many years, always working away from home. The day I found out that our little family of two was growing by one, I knew my days in the industry were numbered.

Within 19 months we grew yet again and then there were four. We all disliked me being away from home, me more than anyone else. I realized then I was counting the days by the minute. I soon found myself being sent further away from home than I’ve ever been, and I was then told the job would last five years. After learning this news, we had decided to sell our house of 16 years and finally live as a family. Then 2020 happened…

Most people would curse the year 2020 or maybe want to can it, put away and forget about it, we however are not most people. The job that was to last five years was coming to an end in a few short months. With that in mind and knowing our house was ready to put on the market we decided now was our chance for a change.

We had been coming to Tennessee for a couple of years now and just fell in love. I mean seriously, perfect weather, wonderful scenery and very friendly people; we knew it was the place for us. We found this closed up restaurant and decided to get it. Here we are almost three months later and we are ready to open up our new venture. 

Family is everything to us, and we hope you can become apart of our family as well.